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About Terpsichore Collective

Terpsichore Collective presents professional contemporary dance works for stage, site specific, multimedia, and film projects. It is a re-imagination of Artistic Director, Aimee McDonald's previous projects, Terpsichore's Kitchen, and Terpsichore's Kitchen Dance Theatre, which produced the annual choreographers' showcase Dancing in Summer, from 1998-2009, as well as regular choreographic showings and touring works.

In this new incarnation of Terpsichore we operate on a performance cycle, rather than a traditional season, with an autumn stage performance of works by Aimee McDonald alongside a couple of works by guest artists or other company members, and a summer dance festival with professional showcases of works by choreographers from Michigan, and across the nation. Throughout the year are our site specific,

multimedia, and film projects.

The company is launching the new dance festival, starting June 2024. Dancing in Summer, the Festival will feature two nights of professional choreographers showcases, master classes, an open showing where anyone is welcome to show work and exchange feedback with other dance makers, and a dance film screening.

Terpsichore: In Greek mythology, Terpsichore (/tərpˈsɪkəriː/; Greek: Τερψιχόρη, "delight in dancing") is one of the nine Muses and goddess of dance and chorus. She lends her name to the word "terpsichorean", which means "of or relating to dance".


Photo: Brent Perry

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