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Photo: Kirk Donaldson

Why Donate to
Terpsichore Collective?

Terpsichore Collective presents contemporary dance works by professional dance artists in the Ann Arbor area through live performances, site specific projects, and dance-for-film projects. We're also launching a new dance festival in hopes of making the Ann Arbor area once again a hub for contemporary dance. 


We hope to reach not only established dance goers as audience, but to bring in viewers who may have interests in other art forms but have not experienced much dance. We also hope to reach people in the community who haven’t had much previous art exposure. Our initial approach to this is through social media campaigns, as well as reaching deep into the social networks of participating choreographers, dancers, and musicians through individualized letters and invitations. 


Funds received will be used toward dancer pay, performance and rehearsal venues, music licensing fees, paying tech crew, costumes, marketing, and festival submission fees, and other related production expenses. 


Terpsichore Collective Dance Company is a 501c3 nonprofit organization

Thanks to Our Donors!

Friends ($25-99)
Ellen Bates-Brackett
  Christopher Otto   Marie Wall    Veronique Breen  • Joanna McNamara

David Anderson  • Jen & Matt Augustyn for Kari Becker  Sue McDonald

Jennifer Bennett  Deb VandenBroek   Jeffrey Post    Patty Hart

Michael Hommel  •  Alyssa Friendly
 Jennifer Tankanow  • Deb Stern

Leah Clark  •  Michael Stickel-Reed    Carly Groves    Ami Walsh • Joori Jung 


Supporters ($100-499)

Briana Kline in memory of our dear feline friend Prince  • Jill Damon • S. Jean Lee

Doug and Sue McDonald  •  Nancy Hart  • 
Dennis & Carole Becker

Marie and Tom Wall • Vicky Farah • Amy Wilkinson

Angela and Alan Harris
 • The Studio Centre • Gerald Siclovan

Movement Reservoir

Patrons ($500-999)
Be the first!

Fairy God-Parents ($1000 +)
Evelyn Raski

J Michael Feeney

Gary Murphy and Christina Bych

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